Trafalgar Square

Some background activities for a walk in Trafalgar Square and Whitehall

Interesting Places near Trafalgar Square

Use the web to match these pictures with the place names

You can check your answers here.

Reading about places near Trafalgar Square

Fill in the gaps in this text to find out more about the places you have looked at.s

You can check your answers here.

Check what you have learned

Match the descriptions of the places with the pictures

You can check your answers here.

Finding the places on a map

Use Google Maps to find the places and show them on this map.

You can check your answers here.

Use a word processing programme to make your own, simpler map, like this one.

Finding out about the places

Do some research on the web about these places. You can use Google and Wikipedia to find the answers..

Things to do on the walk

E1/E2 Listen for these numbers and write down what things they refer to.

E3/L1 Write a sentence for each word. Listen for the words and give yourself points everytime you hear them.