Walking the City

Some background activities for a walk in the City of London

Identifying the City within a city

Use Wikipedia to find the names of the streets bordering the City of London

A Map of the City

A map of the city on which to trace the City's boundaries

Background Research

Some research points about the City to begin understanding major monuments and facts about its history and geograph

Places to Visit

Find some pictures on a search engine to help you match these places and their pictures. Then mark them on your map.

Finding the Places

Mark where the places to visit are on your map

You can check your answers here

Planning the Walk

Use your map or Google Maps to make a list of the streets we will walk along from place to place on the visit.

You can check your answers here.

More Research

Complete the table with three facts about each place we will visit. You can use Google or Wikipedia to find interesting facts.

You can check your answers here.